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Hi, there! 

Welcome to my blog. I am Jan Wakefield and I've been a teacher, public speaker, author, shaman, and professional healer for more than three decades. My teachings and healings have changed hundreds of lives in positive ways. I see diamonds in my students and clients, and I help them see their own brilliance. 

Twenty-plus years ago, energetic healing work was unusual and sometimes scary for people to even consider. Today, almost everyone I know has done some form of energetic healing, making it a powerful addition to our lives, our relationships, and our livelihood.  

My healing work started as my own personal journey of discovery. I was 18, had just left home, and was seeking a way to get out of the discomfort of a stressful upbringing. I loved all things spiritual. It began with religions and quickly moved to gurus and spiritual teachers from India and China. I wanted to find myself amongst all the spiritual greats of the time.  

I'd love to say I found myself in all those spiritual practices, but the truth is I actually lost myself in a whole different way. I had no idea that by adopting what others believed to be true, I was actually deviating from my own course and my own wisdom. It was one long (and extremely interesting) detour from my true purpose. But, I found my way home. 

I've loved all the experiences of my life. It's been so incredibly fun, enriching, and exciting! What wasn't awesome (by my own definition, of course) was a lesson, and silver linings are my specialty. I am a gold-medalist at seeing the best in every situation.  

I am also a natural teacher and public speaker. My transformational retreats help people level-up from great to epic. So many people I know have beautiful lives. They have great relationships, great businesses or positions at work, and good health. So often they contact me because they keep hitting an invisible wall when trying to take a job/business, relationship, or their health to the next level.  Maybe they want deeper intimacy with their partner, they want to double (or triple!) their income, or they want to reach that next level of health. They've tried all the strategies, done all the workshops, read all the books, and still find themselves just short of that next level. They just need someone to show them the way through the invisible wall. That's what my transformational retreats do. There we learn practical steps for walking right through the obstacles to get to that next level, and we do it through the lens of pleasure.

I know it works because I have done it myself. My transformational workshops are a culmination of all the steps I took to heal my body (from chronic and debilitating migraines), my relationship (being with a narcissist), and my livelihood (breaking the addiction to old money patterns that left me a hostage of "hours for dollars"). What took me 10 years to learn and understand, I packaged into a single week. BAM!  


This blog will cover all the steps and more as the year progresses, or you can just join the retreat and fast-track the journey with other amazing people who are leveling-up their livelihood, relationships, and health this year.

I look forward to working with you.


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