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  • Private one-on-one, weekly coaching
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The Jan Wakefield:Ā Hack Your BiofieldĀ program gives you the practical tools for thriving in a place of persistent positivity, emotional balance, effortless abundance, and radiant energy. We do this by identifying the energetic limitation, interrupting the pattern, and informing the biofield of what we want instead.Ā 

Together, we focus on removing Biofield Imprints and rewiring the ways we think about ourselves and our situations, so we can choose wisdom over reaction and certainty over indecision.

In the Hack Your BiofieldĀ program, we discover our wisdom lies in the depth of our own self-awareness. The moment we make the shift, we recognize that only we have the answers for ourselves.

  • This 8 week program includes weekly one-on-one calls with Jan
  • It has a community-based - exclusive - FaceBook group
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Hack Your Biofield 

It's time to discover how easy it is to shift your perceptions so you can live the life you really want. Hack Your Biofield teaches practical steps to help you develop better relationships, enjoy greater health, and live more abundantly. 
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