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Hi, I'm Jan!


I am an energy hygienist. I help therapists, coaches, and speakers increase their vitality and quality of life through biofield clearing.


My primary purpose in life is to raise the light level of the planet, thus raising individual and global awareness. I do this by raising the light levels in individuals through biofield clearing. Each individual I clear then positively impacts those with whom they work, and it spreads out like a web of light.

In short, I am a Bada$$ (energy) Alchemist.

I am a teacher, and author, and a motivational speaker. My goal is to normalize the conversation around energy hygiene and to show how it is complementary to religious traditions and allopathic medicine. Einstein said, "Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it." What Einstein knew more than 50 years ago, I definitely know now, but on a whole new level. 

I've spent the majority of my life in academe. I started as an elementary teacher and then moved up to teaching at colleges and universities. I have degrees in English and Liberal Arts/Social Science. My areas of research include reflective learning, metacognitive assessment, and branding in the classroom. To be more specific, I am grounded in education, research, writing, and public speaking.

I am also a powerful healer and motivational speaker. I am a certified Professional Clearer, a certified health coach, and a certified life coach. I've been an energy practitioner for over two decades. My Professional Clearing sessions help people more quickly optimize their lives, physical and spiritual health, finances, relationships, and more. As a Professional Clearer, healer, and motivational speaker, I help elite professionals maintain optimum energetic health so they can better assist their own clients. 

For now, I am the founder and CEO of Optimize your Life with Jan, a community where people with high levels of self-awareness share ideas, live in higher light levels, and inspire one another to raise the collective frequency on the planet. For more information about the community, click here


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Join us for a refreshing and transformative week in one of the most tranquil places on the planet.

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Cynthia Fontaine

The Rhode Island Psychic Medium

"As a Master Healer and Master Psychic Medium, I have worked with thousands of people over the years and with hundreds of healers. Jan Wakefield is one of the best! She is brilliant at getting to the root of an issue and helped both myself and my daughter. Her training, knowledge and ability is phenomenal."

KJ Osada

"Thank you so much for the session!  I took a long nap on Sunday and woke up feeling so wonderful.  Like a tangled mess had been removed from my heart and shoulders.  I am also feeling more confident in my "mission" to ensure [my daughter] is taken care of. So grateful for you!!!"


M Day

"My first session with Jan  produced noticeable positive changes within me.  Within 24 hours my mind felt significantly more free.  I've been organizing my home and office with  enthusiasm.   I have also found more clarity and confidence with what I say, my thoughts, and how I carry myself.
Jan is the real deal.  She is compassionate, gifted, and has worked for years to hone and elevate her knowledge.  I'm looking forward to our next session to work on my food allergies!"