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A Cowgirl's Guide to Emotional Fitness 


Los Lunas, New Mexico

May 2024 


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A Cowgirl's Guide to Emotional Fitness 


May 2024 in Los Lunas, NM (30 min. south of Albuquerque)


In this workshop we will experience the healing potential of horse-human play and connection. Feedback from horses will help us increase self-awareness, which leads to greater emotional fitness, decreased stress, and increased positivity and joy.


Who this workshop is for:

  • Adults of all ages.
  • Those who want to decrease stress in their lives.


What you will get from this workshop:

  • Five days of equine assisted learning activities.¬†
  • A 90-day self-care plan for optimal emotional fitness.
  • Eight-week online course to support integration of the horse work.¬†

Core Learnings:

  • Use the Internal Dialogue Questionnaire to understand the language of emotions and how to reframe them.
  • Learn cues for verbal and non-verbal communication to increase emotional fitness.
  • Learn the signs of chronic stress and trauma and how to diffuse the tension related to it.


  • Small group setting.¬†
  • All activities with the horses are on the ground.
  • No horse experience is necessary.
  • Connection with great people.
  • Skills to help reduce stress and anxiety.¬†


NOTE: our workshops utilize an equine-assisted "learning" (EAL) model, as opposed to an equine-assisted "therapy" (EAT/mental health) model. In other words, the purpose of the workshop is not intended as professional mental health counseling.  We do encourage mental health professionals to attend and evaluate if equine-assisted interventions can benefit their practice. Read more about equine-assisted learning by visiting our blog



Max. Group Size: 6 



Meet The Cowgirl!

Dulce García-Morman is the Founder of Life-Is-Art™. She holds a Ph.D. in Transformative Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and her dissertation is a scientific and spiritual exploration of the horse-human relationship. Dulce has dedicated the last 15 years to the study and research of the transformative potential of horse-facilitated activities.

Dulce has been certified as an Advanced EFL facilitator since 2005 through EponaQuest, where she apprenticed with Linda Kohanov, EFL pioneer and author of The Tao of Equus and Riding Between the Worlds


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What your Retreat Includes

  • Daily meditation and personal transformation program.

  • Activities with horses. 

  • Guided meditations.

  • Gentle movement. 

  • Expressive arts activities.

  • Learning tools for improving emotional self-regulation.  

  • FOLLOW-UP GROUP VIDEO CALL (1.5 hours) -the workshop includes a follow up call to offer a space of reflection and to further integrate our experience with the horses. An activity will be given to participants on the last day of the workshop, which we will share on this call. 

What is not included in the workshop

  • Your flights to and from Albuquerque, NM

  • Accommodation in Los Lunas
  • Travel insurance (*required)

  • Transportation to shops or sites that you choose to see on your time off

  • Activities you do on your time off
  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Incidentals or souvenirs

Available Upgrades

  • Private Coaching session with Jan Wakefield
  • Private equine session with horse specialist, Dulce Garcia-Mormon.
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Horses have a beautiful way of gently teaching us about ourselves, our relationships, and our connection to the world. In this five day workshop, the horses (and your human guides) will help you reconnect with your inner strength and wisdom.

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