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Jan Wakefield, M.A

Meditation Coach

About Jan

Jan Wakefield is a biofield hacker, educator, speaker, and life coach for thousands of people worldwide. She is the creator of the Hack Your Biofield program, where she helps women increase vitality, increase revenue in their businesses, and deepen their connection to their soul's purpose by hacking limiting imprints lodged in the body's energy field.

Jan combines her in-depth expertise in meditation, transformational teaching, coaching, and energy healing with her powerful ability to help people connect deeply with their soul's purpose, to reach for their boldest goals, and to help their clients do the same. 

As a teacher, certified Shamanic Practitioner, certified health coach, and life coach, Jan has taught thousands of students the skills they need to succeed in their lives. She has been in the personal transformation field for over two decades. Her courses, coaching, workshops, and transformational retreats have changed the lives of thousands of clients and students worldwide.

Jan assists people in understanding how their biofield (informed by DNA, thoughts, beliefs, and intentions) impacts the ways they navigate and experience life. 

Jan's goal is to help a wider audience reach deeper levels of awareness in a more profound way. 

In another life, Jan is a professor at a university. She holds degrees in English and Liberal Arts. She lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.


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