Optimize Your Life with Jan

Optimize Your Life with Jan

Biofield Clearing in Five Easy Steps

  • Embrace your wisdom
  • Learn to trust your inner voice
  • Get clear on the right decisions
  • Become an unshakable force of certainty
  • Learn to source decisions from your future instead of your past


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Optimize Your Life with Jan gives you the practical tools for thriving in a place of persistent positivity, emotional balance, effortless abundance, and radiant energy.

Together we focus on rewiring the ways we think about ourselves and our situations, so we can choose wisdom over reaction and certainty over indecision.

In this course, we discover our wisdom lies in the future rather than the past. The moment we make that shift, we recognize that only we have the answers for ourselves.

  • This course is six weeks.
  • It has monthly Zoom sessions
  • It is a practical, skills-building class
  • It is community based - exclusive FaceBook group access
  • It is based on science
  •  We will demystify the energy world in this course



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Optimize Your Life in

Five Steps

It's time to discover how easy it is to shift our perceptions so we can really live the life we want. The Optimize Your Life course gives practical steps to help us develop better relationships, enjoy greater health, and live more abundantly.
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