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Einstein said it best

energy healing professional clearing self-help Dec 31, 2022
Einstein said it best

Einstein Said It Best

Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way." 
Albert Einstein


Einstein was waaayyyyyyy ahead of his time. We all thought he was talking about the science of the physical world, but he was sneaky! Einstein was talking about the unseen world around and within us: The Biofield.


What he didn't reveal is HOW to match the frequency of the reality you want. If he had, can you imagine your ability to make all the money you want, find the perfect relationship, have excellent health, or to know exactly what your purpose in the world is? BAM!!!


I'm way ahead of my time, too.

I know what Einstein didn't know.

The solution is simple. Hack Your Biofield to rapidly manifest what you want.

*We simply need to clear away negative Biofield Imprints that prevent us from attracting what we want. 


The law of attractions tells us that like attracts like. Think of it this way. What conversations are you having? Who are the people in your tribe? What is your relationship to your family? Your job? Your spouse/partner? What do you watch on television? What music do you listen to? What do you think about most? Write that down (or not). Are your thoughts, experiences, and interactions focused on your dreams or your misery? Dream bigger!

Every single negative thought we have will manifest because those Biofield Imprints inform our reality. If we surround ourselves with negativity, we will get more negativity. It is impossible to surround ourselves with negativity, poverty, and misery and then expect to receive love, massive abundance, and joy. The good news can control who is in your tribe, what you watch, how much time you spend with colleagues, and what you'll allow yourself to experience. If not, you need to Hack Your Biofield so you can remove a Biofield Imprint that is pushing forward the wrong information.

Let's take Hacking the Biofield one step further. If we have a whole mess of dark or negative energy build-up in our bodies and minds, it is also impossible to manifest light, love, kindness, abundance, and joy. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people cannot clear those energies because those skill simply haven't been taught. You can learn how to clear negative Biofield Imprints here.

If you knew how to rid yourself of negative thoughts, patterns, or beliefs (goodbye, monkey mind) would you? Of course you would! Simple solutions are always everyone's favorite solutions. 

Here are a couple of tips for Hacking Your Biofield.

1. Meditate: Sit on a chair or cushion. Close your eyes. Attempt to watch your thoughts for 10 minutes or more. 

2. Hydrate: Life is thirsty work. Water helps the body clear toxins from your tissues.

3. Express gratitude daily

4. Forgive everyone for everything

5. Interrupt thought patterns with positive action

Have a great day!

Jan Wakefield (The Biofield Hacker)

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