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Professional Clearings are the most powerful way to clear the dark energies we pick up from clients, students, and people from our audiences.

We all know that feeling. We've finished a session or speaking gig, and we find ourselves flat on the couch trying to recover. That's a clear sign of heavy energies infiltrating our field.

Professional Clearing is powerful, new, and revolutionary, and only a few people are certified to practice this method. The process effectively clears more than 30 types of energetic challenges from 16 chakras and in 12 dimensions.

Most clients feel the results after just one session. 

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Monthly or bimonthly clearings

Monthly subscriptions are are the optimal way to keep the body and mind clear of dark energies and forces that deplete us. Maintaining a clear energy field allows us to live our lives to the fullest and continue to positively impact other people's lives. 

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We don't think twice about showering every day. In fact, we know we need that basic self-care because people will avoid us if we don't. 

The same is true of energy clearing. Think about it. We avoid people with funky energy.

Why is it that elite coaches and speakers end up exhausted? Our work inspires others. Our words change countless lives. We should feel inspired and rejuvenated by the work we do, but so often we are exhausted and energetically depleted after working with people.

It has to do with the energies we accumulate from the people we so graciously help. It just happens. 

The solution is Professional Clearing.

This effective and powerful clearing technique is only practiced by a few people in the world. It removes over 30 energetic blocks and raises our light frequency within so we can attract people, experiences, and situations with higher light frequencies. More light equals more vitality. More vitality equals higher levels of manifestation, joy, and abundance.

Enjoy the work you do with others even more by clearing lingering dark or negative energies through Professional Clearing.

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