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Energy and place - where is your home?

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As the youngest (and smallest) of three very competitive children, I became well aware of the little things very early in my life. My oldest sibling had the big life out in the world. When he wasn't playing the star hockey goalie and traveling with his team, he was out with friends doing social things. My sister had the middle life. She was rarely home, opting for hanging out at friend's houses and getting into mischief. When she was at home, she was the quintessential home body, enjoying languishing on the couch or in our shared room. Both my siblings were so comfortable in their lives. 

It was different for me. I lived a completely internal and thoughtful life, watching and noticing the details and cataloging them for future contemplation. Sure, I went to school and gymnastics practice and dance and some social activities, but my comfort zone was my internal world, and I was the happiest when I was in a tree out in the yard or reading a book in a hidden corner.

What I didn't know then, but I surely know now, was the energy of my home, the people in it, and the place where I lived just didn't energetically suit me. I felt trapped and uncomfortable, and as a teenager my mantra was, "I want to go home," but home was not the place I lived with my was somewhere else if only I could find it!

When I was nine, I visited California. It was my first plane ride (thus my obsessions with flying began), and the wide roads, blue skies, palm trees, and open spaces stuck indelibly in my whole being. Out west was the closest I felt to home. It was all about how I FELT when I was there. I could breathe for the first time! 

At nine, I had no idea what that meant, but I did escape from southwestern Pennsylvania within days of high school graduation. I went west.

I went in search of what felt like home. My adult home base turned out to be a small town in Arizona, but I visited every state and every National Park in the west along the way. I visited lots of trees - OMG the Redwoods!!! - lots of mountains, and lots of people. 

Clearly, I kept going west in search of the vibe that suited and soothed my spirit (hello, biofield). Hawaii. Simply Hawaii. Now, my life includes lots of flying (it's a minimum of 5 hours to the nearest landmass), lots of nature (jungle, beach, and a gorgeous ocean), and people (aloha spirit is in everyone here). 

When looking for your home (either literally or metaphorically), make sure it soothes your biofield. When your energy feels at home, all your pursuits will be that much easier.

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