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Bucket list, transformation, or badass women? How about all three?

bali biofield Feb 11, 2023


If you are thinking about a trip to Bali, read this blog. Maybe Bali has been on your bucket list. Maybe you love personal transformation work. Maybe you like the idea of going to an exotic country with a bunch of badass women. Check. Check. Check.

1. Bali is on your bucket list:

In 2015, I put Bali on my bucket list. I was a human migraine incendiary device. One wrong move and I would end up on fire in one ER or another. I was in the Mayo Clinic hospital with my pre-packed migraine bag (like the one pregnant women pack for delivery day), and I vowed that when I finally figured out how to be pain free, I'd go to Bali and take people with me. In 2022, finally pain free, I did just that. After being ill for so many years, I was a combination of bold (my true personality) and utterly terrified (10 years in chronic pain kinda does that to a person). I knew I had to go, so I put on my fierce-woman hat and boarded that plane. If you have Bali on your bucket list, and you know it's the time to go, join us this year!

2. You LOVE personal transformation processes:

Me, too! A few days ago, I had a consultation with a woman who admitted she loves personal transformation work. She's booked for one experience already this year, and still wants to go to Bali to see what Hacking Your Biofield is all about. We had a great connection, and to say we are kindred spirits is quite an understatement. I knew when she said that teaching helpful biofield tools to children so we can impact a wider audience of the future, she and I are two peas in a pod. Personal transformation is a way to connect with like-minded people who are interested in looking within again and again to make this beautiful world a better place.

3. Building a community of badass women:

I was 10 years old when I first hear that my unabashed authenticity gave someone pause. That was my dad, actually. We were on a road trip and I'd taken it upon myself to stay up all night to keep him awake. I was telling him all about the books I was reading and my analysis of each plot. In that one moment, I knew I had something in me that would bring people together, and I also knew that gift would somehow define me as an adult. At 50-something, I know my time here is limited and I want to bring together the tribe of women who are on the same trajectory in life. Together we are a team that will lift each other up, walk the hard roads together, and continue to learn how to be strong women together. Are you a badass woman looking for a tribe of women to be with as you change the world? Welcome.

Are you ready to check off that bucket list item, hang with badass women, and transform from butterfly to winged goddess? Let's do it.




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